About Us

We produce the freshest bacon available anywhere in the world!

If you purchase bacon from Bacon King, your bacon won’t be a part of some large batch of pork belly, wet brined over an 8-24 hour period…months ago, smoked…months ago, packaged…months ago, and probably frozen…months ago.

Your bacon order from Bacon King is NEVER frozen and will be started once your order is placed with a dry cure of multiple ingredients (our recipe, or your OWN flavors!) that takes 10 whole days to cure and produce the most delectably delicious bacon you will ever taste!  We will then let your bacon rest in refrigeration for 48 hours to finish the pellicle, the substance that forms on the outside of the bacon that holds all that wonderful smoke goodness.  Bacon King will then smoke your bacon, slice it, and ship it directly to you.

Premium, gourmet bacon like this will take some time.  On average, 3 weeks to receive.  3 weeks from high quality pork belly to your door…But you will not find a fresher bacon slice in the world!

We have 2 options…

  1. You can order 2.5 pounds, or 5 pounds of bacon using our already tried and true recipes, smoked over our hardwoods, and sliced thick…starting at $16.99/pound.
  2. You can order 2.5 pounds, or 5 pounds of bacon using a cure of ingredients that YOU choose! You choose the ingredients, You choose the wood it’s smoked with, You choose the thickness of the bacon slices!  This specialized, gourmet bacon starts at $19.99/pound.