We can make you the most delicious bacon you have ever tasted...or, You can come to our Bacon King Experience and learn how to cure pork belly into bacon yourself! It's Gourmet Bacon YOU Create!

Here's the deal. Sure, we can make your bacon for you...it's delicious. We will cure a 5 pound pork belly and ship it whole right to your door for you to slice as thick or thin as you like!

But, why not learn how to make bacon yourself? Come to our "Bacon King Experience" and you will leave the event with your own 5 pound slab of curing pork belly that you finish the 10 day process at home, a Bacon King T-Shirt, and the knowledge on how to make your own bacon for the rest of your life! You don't even need a smoker to make delicious bacon! We will give you all the information you need in a fun, interactive environment. Come learn the "Makin' Bacon" secrets!

If you can't make it to one of our events, this is where Bacon King USA comes in. Our mission is to deliver home-made, ready to cut bacon (smoked with natural hard woods), right to your door. When you order bacon from Bacon King USA, your bacon won’t be...

part of some large batch of pork belly... produced months ago

wet cured in a big tub...months ago

smoked…months ago

packaged…months ago

probably frozen…months ago

Your bacon order from Bacon King USA is NEVER frozen and will be started once your order is placed with a dry cure of multiple ingredients (our recipe) that takes 10 whole days to cure and produce the most delectably
delicious bacon you will ever taste! This process takes awhile, plan ahead!

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