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Bacon King USA

Original 5lb Slab Pork & Beef Bacon

Original 5lb Slab Pork & Beef Bacon

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Approximately 5 pounds (pre-cure weight) of the freshest bacon you will ever eat.  We don't make it until you order it.  The cure time is 10 days, the dry time is 2 days, 1 day for smoking and chilling, 1 day to package it for shipment.  The process takes 14 days from the time I receive the Pork Belly or the Beef Belly. Plan ahead!

It comes in a full slab so you can cut it as thick or thin as you like.  It is a cured meat product, so it doesn't have to ship to you cold...just put it in the fridge or freezer when you get it.  We offer 2 kinds of pork bacon..."Simply Salty" with fresh cracked pepper (the best version like you get at the supermarket), or Maple Brown Sugar...mmmmm, delicious!  We also offer Beef Bacon for those who can't or won't eat pork bacon.  All 3 versions smoked over hardwoods and ready to cook and eat.


  • Pork Belly or Beef Navel
  • 2.25% Kosher Salt
  • .25% Pink Curing Salt #1
  • Spices
  • Brown Sugar (depends on kind)

Shipping & Returns

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  • Approximately 5 Pounds (will vary slightly...)

Finish the CURE!

  • Immediately put your pork belly in your fridge as soon as you get home
  • for the next 10 days, you flip it every day...massage your meat, make sure all the spices and cure are evenly distributed
  • after 10 days, take the pork belly out of the bag and wash it under running water...both sides. When you think you have washed it enough, wash it again
  • let your BACON sit on a drying rack in your fridge for a minimum of 12 hours, up to 48 hours to form the "pellicle"
  • Smoke/bake at 225 degrees until internal temp hits 150 degrees
  • let rest for 1 hour and then chill it in the fridge overnight
  • slice and enjoy the Gormet Bacon that YOU Created!
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